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Those who helped shape us

David, the peaceful gardener - First put forward the challenge

Bruce Lee, martial artist and philosopher - "No limitation as limitation"

Vince Morris, Kissaki Kai - More to kata then meets the eye

Tony Blauer, Blauer Tactical System - The psychology of self-defence

Patrick McCarthy, Koryu Uchinadi - The secret's in the flow.....drill

Tony Ball, Fudoshin Ryu - A wealth of knowledge

Dan Millman, Author - There are no ordinary moments

Our students - The drive to continue

Each other - Support, guidance and mutual guniea pig

View of Meditation Garden

We all need someone to start us on the road to discovery, someone who will play "The Devil's Advocate", to challenge what we believe or feel safe with. David was all of this to us. A peaceful gardener and a good friend. Thankyou.

Bruce Lee

For most people this name conjures up visions of a legendary martial artist, dynamic street fighter, movie idol and international superstar. For the serious martial artist his name means much more. Bruce Lee's philosophies of: Expect nothing but be ready for anything; The way of no way; Discover what works and use it; Closest weapon, closest target; Efficiency is anything that scores; Adapt; revolutionsised the martial art community. The teachings of Bruce Lee gave us the insight that we were on the right path and the courage to keep going.

bruce lee.jpg
Vince Morris

International Institute for Kyusho-Jutsu Research. The IIKR was established at the behest of experienced martial artists who after many years of training came to realise that many of the concepts and values within the art of Karate-do were either misunderstood or simply not available within the mainstream of sports orientated practice. The IIKR serves to research and promulgate understanding of the dangerous and effective hitherto secret bunkai to the Kata. Regular "Hands-on" seminars are given throughout Europe, Australia and the USA, for higher grades to assimilate and practise these Kyusho-Jutsu and Tuite based techniques which bring new life and depth of meaning to the fundamental efficiency of the martial arts.

The IIKR is based upon the concept that the martial arts prepare one for life, not just for the Dojo, or even simply for combat. Respect, integrity patience, endeavour and humility are all aspects of the true martial artist, and thus are the goals of proper training; but this itself should be built upon a true understanding of the Waza. You can visit Vince Morris on the web.

Tony Blauer

Tony Blauer is the founder of Chu Fen Do. Chu Fen Do is an amalgamation of fighting arts with a singular focus on effectiveness in real life confrontations. Chu Fen Do does not focus its teachings only on the physical aspects of confrontation but incorporates the psychological as well. Fear management,

De-escalation and verbal defusing just to name a few. A great resource and inspiration. Well worth the look.

Patrick McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy is one of the few foreigners to actually teach Karatedo in Japan, and is recognized worldwide as one of the foremost authorities on the civil fighting traditions of Okinawa. He is also the first non-Japanese to ever be awarded the coveted Kyoshi 7th Dan Teacher's License in Karatedo from Kyoto's prestigious Dai Nippon Butokukai.

His research has been published everywhere, his books on Karatedo history, philosophy and application have become best sellers and he is one of the most sought after lecturers and seminar teachers in the world today. He is also responsible for the English translations of the legendary Bubishi (the Bible of Karatedo) In 1987 Sensei McCarthy established the International Ryukyu Karatedo Research Society in Japan as an outgrowth of his research. An impartial fraternity, the Society is dedicated, but not limited, to the analysis, preservation, and promotion of Koryu Uchinadi (old-style Karatedo).

Since receiveing his 7th Dan Master's Licence he has embarked on a crusade to promote genuine karatedo philosophy and culture throughout the Martial Arts Community. His skills in kata, application, pressure point tactics and weapons techniques complement his unique knowledge of the history, philosophy and application of kataedo. His videos cover the original techniques of Koryu Uchinadi, or Old Style Karatedo and include the Renzokugeiko Exercises involving hand trapping and grappling flow drills. These drills cross the bridge from kata techniques to genuine application and are recommended for practitioners of all styles of martial arts. You can visit Patrick Mc Carthy on the web.

Tony Ball

Soke Tony Ball is the Founder of Fudoshin Ryu Karatedo in Australia. Fudoshin is a combination of five Martial Arts: Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Karate, Aikido and Kung Fu. We have used Soke like a reference book to help us build up a good understanding of a variety of styles and their principles. His knowledge of weaponry and its practical application has certainly been of great benefit to us. A good example of what can be achieved when Martial Artists work as one, unsegregated by style.

Dan Millman

Dan Millman is a former world trampoline champion, student of the martial arts, as well as coach and faculty member at Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, and Oberlin College, recently inducted into the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame. Now a best-selling author and popular speaker, he presents practical ways to transform the challenges of daily life into vehicles of personal and spiritual growth.

His nine books-including Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Sacred Journey, No Ordinary Moments, The Life You Were Born to Live, The Inner Athlete, The Laws of Spirit, and Everyday Enlightenment, plus two books for children -have inspired millions of people in more than 20 languages worldwide.

For nearly two decades, Dan's Millman's work has influenced leaders in the fields of health, psychology, education, business, politics, entertainment, sports, the arts, and people from all walks of life and who share a common interest in the fields of personal growth and human potential. A youthful grandfather, he lives with his family in northern California. You can visit Dan Millman on the web.

Our students

Our students are the greatest inspiration for us to continue to grow and learn so that we can help them grow and learn. They challenge us with their questions and encourage us with their development. We are extremely proud to be their instructors.

Each other

A journey is much more enjoyable when you have someone close to share it with. As partners we share our joys, our sorrows, our expectations, and our new techniques.... 'OW!'  What better way to share your love.

"A Teacher's Prayer"


One day I would like to teach, just a few people,

many and beautiful things,

that would help them

when they will one day

teach a few people.

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